How We Broke the Internet with 12 Characters

Ok well, maybe saying we broke the internet is a bit heavy handed. But now that you are reading…

The other day we ran into POODLE. This POODLE is not to be confused with one of our four legged friends - a Poodle. No, I am refering to this POODLE - Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption.

Here’s the quick on POODLE: An old security protocol, still widely used on the internet, was discovered to have a nasty security vulnerability. This is another recent OpenSSL vulnerability (see Heartbleed). Basically, no one should be using SSLv3 because it is considered legacy. Lots of parts, pieces and tools still do - including ours.

Hiring Problems

The great double-edged sword at a startup is the fact that I must wear multiple hats. The hardest hat for me to wear is by far the ‘people’ hat. This is the hat that manages people, leads people, instructs people and empowers people.

Computers are easy. They only do exactly what some person somewhere instructs them to do. They execute the instructions I give them. I use the instructions someone else to gave me so I can get at the guts of the machine. Outside of mechanical failure, when things go wrong, the machine is still executing the instructions someone gave it.

People though - they are different all together.