Continuous Integration

Configuring ssh for Jenkins for Git on Ubuntu

I ran into some problems configuring ssh for my jenkins box. It turns out that when installing jenkins on ubuntu via the package manager that jenkins is setup to run as its own user. So, Jenkins did not have access to my .ssh directory. Of course this made perfect sense once I stopped and thought about it.

Code Quality - Code Metrics for C# using Sonar

## What is Sonar -
Sonar is an open source tool for analysing, tracking and communicating software metrics for software projects in various languages. Sonar is cross-platform and capable of reporting on a number of languages  including java, c#, c++, javaScript, groovy, etc. The reporting tool is a web-driven application with configurable dashboards. The dashboards communicate code coverage, rules violations, code complexity and can be extended via a large library of free plugins.